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uphill access pERMIT


uphill access parking PERMIT

2022/23 Applications

Free parking is allowed in the North Gondola lot, Stables lot at Peak 8, and the Beaver Run Parking lot between 6 a.m. and the resort opening time (to be announced). For evening access, hourly rates and rules apply.

  • All cars utilizing these lots will need a free uphill access parking permit.

    • To get a permit, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

  • There is no parking permitted between the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. in any Breckenridge Ski Resort lots. 

  • Regular parking rates apply after the resort opening time. Non-paid users will receive a violoation.

uphill access guidelines:​​

Non-paid/Uphill users of Breckenridge Ski Resort assume all risks associated with access. The ski area is not maintained for uphill access and trails are not patrolled outside normal ski area operating hours, therefore emergency services may not be available. Ski area operations are 24 hours and users may encounter vehicles, slope and trail maintenance activities, snowmaking, and other hazards not typically present during operating hours. Users are subject to the Colorado Ski Safety Act. Users must abide by the following rules:


early season guidelines:

During the early season (and late season), uphill access routes will be limited and are subject to change and/or close on a daily basis. For the safety of guests and employees, all uphill access users are required to call the Uphill Access Hotline before accessing the mountain.


uphill access policy & designated routes:

1. Uphill access is only permitted outside of public operating hours – from 6 a.m. to resort opening time. All uphill users must be clear of the mountain by the resort opening time; otherwise, regular parking rates apply. Non-paid users will receive a violation.

2. Stay on designated routes, ascend and descend on designated routes. If the route or ski run is not listed below, users may not access at any time during the ski season.


  • Peak 7: Fort Mary B > Claimjumper > Pika > the T-bar hut

  • Peak 8:

    • Peak 8 Base > Springmeier > Vista Haus

    • Claimjumper > Pika > the T-bar hut

  • Peak 9: Silverthorne > Lower American > Cashier > Overlook > Peak 9 Patrol Hut


3. Uphill Access Hotline at 970-547-5627 before accessing the mountain. This number provides important information about seasonal restrictions and ski area operations that may impact access.

  • Avoid all areas where machinery is operating. Winch Cat winching operations may be in progress. Strobe lights and signs mean stay clear and avoid the area altogether.


4. Stay on designated routes only. Do not enter any closed trails and areas.  Users are subject to the Colorado Ski Safety Act.

5. Obey all pertinent signage. Signage reading “No Uphill Access” means that specific route is closed to users.

6. Stay towards the center of the trail and away from the treeline to avoid mountain operations vehicles.

7. Guests should maximize visibility and position themselves to be visible from above; wear reflective or brightly colored clothing.

8. Once up the hill, no one may ride a lift without a valid ticket or season pass.

9. Dogs, other than Service Dogs, are not allowed.

10.  Please be advised that fat tire biking and/or mountain biking is prohibited on the mountain during the winter season, both during daytime and nighttime operations.

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