paY parking



The Town of Breckenridge has implemented an innovative smart parking system. Patrons can pay for parking with credit cards at the pay station or on their smartphones without ever having to visit a pay station. 


  • On-street pay parking is enforced 365 days a year throughout Town.

  • Town lots are FREE in May and from October 7 to  November 7 -  EXCEPT overnight parking.

  • South Gondola Lot is under construction until at least 2021.

Most of Downtown from Park Avenue to Ridge Street is now pay parking. A full list of parking rates and hours is listed below. Please note that payment is required each time a vehicle changes location. Fifteen-minute free parking is available in most locations, but parkers must still register their license plate on the app or at a meter.

Pay parking rates are tiered by length of stay – the longer the stay, the higher the rate. Pay parking is $.50 for the first hour in all locations. The rate increases slightly for the second and third hours depending on location. Rates increase substantially after 3 hours.

Click here for your Winter Guide to Getting Around Breckenridge.

Breck Park Map 12-20.png

pay by phone - Breck park mobile app

Paying to park with the Breck Park mobile app is free, easy, and convenient!

Download the FREE app now


  1. No need to visit the meter

  2. Receive text reminders of parking expiration

  3. Extend your session from anywhere

  4. Stop your parking session early if needed


*Discount for parking is only available for town owned lots and for on-street parking.

Park On Us - You can receive $3 off your next parking session by using code: 80424970

Here's how to get your discount: 

  1. Download the Breck Park mobile app (discount not available on parking meters)

  2. Begin Parking Session and Complete Transaction – enter zone, license plate, & credit card

  3. Once your session is initiated, select “Session Options”

  4. Enter 80424970 under “Discount" to receive a one-time discount of up to $3


An update to the Breck Park mobile app will require all Android users to update the app again to the latest version (

MULtiple ways to use Breck park mobile app:


1. Check out the Breck Park mobile app in your web browser or download the app:​

2. Register for free - first time only.

3. Select your locations. Zone Numbers are located on signs on each block and on the side of every pay station.

4. Follow instructions on the app

5. Enjoy the freedom of extending your parking from anywhere!

6. Once time has expired, vehicle must be removed to a different location (zone) in order to begin a new session.


Again, no need for a smart phone! Pay by Text option, where available, allows you to pay for parking by texting the 'zone number', space or license plate number, and the amount of time you wish to stay to the phone number listed on the location's parking signage.


Breck Park mobile app online gives you all the features of the app through any web browser on any device. (click HERE)


No need for a smart phone! With the Pay by Voice option, Breck Park Mobile Pay allows you to dial into the local phone number listed on the location's parking signage, parking customers can register for the Mobile Pay service, start or extend parking sessions, and add payment card details.

solar-powered Payment kiosks


BRECK PARK offers solar-powered payment kiosks at select lots and on-street parking, making payment easy and fast at all hours.


parking RATEs, hours & ZONES


All parking rates and times are subject to change. Free 15 minutes requires license plate registration on the Breck Park mobile app or at the meter.

TOB Rates M-Th 2021-05-27.png
TOB Rates F-S 2021-05-27 .png
TOB 2020 Jul 9 Overnight.png

electric vehicle chargers


The Town of Breckenridge has 22 public electric vehicle charging ports located at convenient locations around town. In 2021, when the skier parking garage on Park Avenue is completed, there will be an additional 40 ports installed. Thanks to Xcel Energy and the Colorado Energy Office's Charge Ahead grant program for their financial support. All chargers are ChargePoint units. Download the ChargePoint app for fast and convenient payment, charging, and availability information.  The Breckenridge Free Ride services all four locations. For more info or to plan your trip, visit the Breck Free Ride page. 


Town Hall 150 Ski Hill Rd 
2 Ports
4 Hour Limit
$20/hr overstay fee


Recreation Center 880 Airport Rd
8 Ports
4 Hour Limit
$20/hr overstay fee

Public Works 1095 Airport Rd
2 Ports
4 Hour Limit
$20/hr overstay fee


Steven C. West Ice Arena 189 Boreas Pass Rd
8 Ports
10 Hour Limit
$20/hr overtsay fee
* Overnight Parking Fee required