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parking BASICS





Breck Park has added TAP N SKI technology to our innovative solar-powered, paperless, smart-parking system. QR codes and solar-powered kiosks are located in all paid parking lots. Scan the QR code, use the kiosk or download the app to pay with a credit card. For more on our parking app, kiosks and pricing, please visit the  Pay Parking page.

Breck Park enforces and monitors the Town's on and off-street parking programs. The Town will continue efforts to create consistent turnover of the available parking spaces for those doing business or visiting Breckenridge.

Locals’ Tips

  1. NO CAR REQUIRED. The town offers a FREE and convenient transit system throughout the Town. The Summit Stage is available for FREE travel to our neighboring communities of Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon, Summit Cove, and Keystone. For schedules and routes visit

  2. Walk a block – save a buck. South Main Street is the most expensive hourly parking option with limited parking available. Parking on Ridge Street and walking to Main Street will save you a couple dollars. Visit Pay Parking for full rates and hours.

See below for map of parking areas throughout town.

parking locations

2022 Breck Map Winter_v6.png

towing information


If your vehicle was towed in a location owned by the Town of Breckenridge (not private property ex: Ski Resort Parking), please review the following information:


Vehicles can be towed for obstructing traffic or because of unpaid parking citations. To confirm whether the vehicle was towed or not, please call non-emergency dispatch at 970-668-8600 as all towing is reported to the PD. If the vehicle was towed due to obstructing traffic, then the impound fee must be paid to retrieve the vehicle from Ryan's Recovery: 970-453-1388.


If the vehicle was towed due to outstanding unpaid parking citations, it is required by Town of Breckenridge Rules and Regulations that all unpaid parking citations must be paid off to retrieve the vehicle from Ryan's Recovery: 970-453-1388. It is also required to pay the impound fee when towed due to outstanding unpaid parking citations. 


If you wish to pay your parking citations in full online, you do not need to contact Breck Park as all parking citations can be accessed, reviewed, and paid for on by searching by your license plate number. Once all citations are paid, this information can be shown to Ryan's Recovery to release the vehicle out of impound after the impound fee is paid.


All requests must be in writing, please email

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