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For nearly 20 years, parking and traffic congestion have been a growing concern for our community. While increased visitation to Breckenridge is a good thing, it brings challenges. Over the past 2+ years the Breck Forward (parking and transportation) Task Force, comprised of community members representing a wide variety of businesses and citizens, has been working with Town Council to create a comprehensive Parking and Transportation Program. 


Numerous studies and experts have recommended paid parking as the quickest and most efficient way to reduce traffic gridlock. Other initiatives include increased transit routes, walkway and lighting improvements, as well as the addition of new roundabouts in Town. 

The Town of Breckenridge has implemented an innovative smart parking system. Solar powered, wireless pay parking stations are scattered throughout the downtown and in the parking lots. Paid parking is in place and Patrons can pay with credit cards at the pay station or on their smart phone without ever having to visit a pay station. For more on our parking app, pay machines and pricing information please visit the Pay Parking page.

The Town will continue efforts to create consistent turnover of the available parking spaces for those doing business or visiting Breckenridge.

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